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The future of libraries, frustrating web interfaces and Random House pricing: the best of the blogs from the past week

by Louise Morrison

Here’s a round up of just a few of the articles I’ve enjoyed in the last week…

Breaking the barriers of time and space: the dawning of the great age of librarians by T. Scott Plutchak, MA, AHIP

Really thought-provoking and inspiring article reflecting on the future of librarians and how the librarian skill-set could survive outside the physical confines of the library building.

Maybe we need to radically rethink how librarians’ expertise should be best applied to the digital world and move away from the concept of a library as a physical space. If we can adapt and embrace this new world we could be entering the ‘great age of librarians’.

Invisible Barriers and the Reservoir of Goodwill by Bethan Ruddock

This interesting article discusses the ‘Reservoir of Goodwill’ theory of website interaction. This is the idea that a person approaches your website with a limited amount of ‘goodwill’ which diminishes quickly and once it has run out, they will leave, whether they have accessed the excellent resources your site has to offer or not.

The article goes on to relate this theory to library websites. I’m sure we have all encountered frustrating library interfaces, I know I have, and I also know there are often complicated behind-the-scenes reasons why they occur.

But this article is a timely reminder that your users don’t care what’s going on in the back-office, if the front-end interface doesn’t quickly and efficiently satisfy their needs, they will move on.

The impact of Random House price increases by K.G. Schneider

Good analysis of the recent Random House Overdrive price increases and the impact this will have on library ebook lending and smaller publishers. This article discusses the flawed logic of the supposed necessity of the price hikes and how the library community should respond.


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