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Retaining the inconvenience factor in e-book lending

by Louise Morrison Many e-book lending services mimic traditional library practices, such as imposing time limits on loans or limits on the number of people who can borrow an e-book at any one time. On first reaction it may appear crazy to apply such artificial limits, originating from the print era, to the new e-book … Continue reading

Should libraries get out of the e-book business? No, they should be fighting their way in with everything they’ve got…

by Louise Morrison Reading the article Should libraries get out of the ebook business? by Bobbi Newman got me thinking about the importance of library e-book lending in the current climate: In an interesting and thoughtful article, Newman suggests that libraries should stop lending e-books altogether until a better e-book lending model is available and … Continue reading

Understanding the 2012 library user: some vital UK statistics

by Louise Morrison The way users are interacting with library and information services is changing and libraries have to work hard to keep up. It’s becoming ever more important for library and information professionals to understand how their users are interacting with technology and to ensure library services anticipate and meet their needs. With this … Continue reading

What’s so great about the feel of books?

by Louise Morrison I’ve noticed that conversations with e-reader non-adopters always seem to end with proclamations about how much they love the feel of real books in their hands; e-books are all very well, they say, but you can’t beat the feel of a traditional, print book can you? The sheer prevalence of this response … Continue reading

Amazon rumoured to be launching Love Film-like e-book rental service – what impact would this have on libraries?

Rumours are rife that Amazon is planning to launch an e-book rental service similar to its successful film rental site, Love Film. Exact details are unclear at this stage but it would probably be based on a monthly / annual subscription, which would entitle users to receive a certain number of e-books directly to their … Continue reading

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